Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This Is Not Goodbye, Just See You Later.

         As with all things in life, I believe there comes a time when it just feels right to move on. I started The Aisle of Style during my senior year in high school. Living in a small town where the cows outnumber the people, there was not much inspiration around me. To fill this gap, I spent countless hours looking at social media sites and scrolling through fashion blogs. 

      Eventually, I decided to start my own blog and share my personal style with the people who had an appreciation for fashion. It started off as a fun hobby I would do once a week, and eventually it grew into a business, giving me the opportunity to work and collaborate with some amazing brands. I also had the chance to attend New York and Toronto Fashion week to cover the shows for The Aisle of Style. I traveled to many different countries and was able to document fashion abroad through this blogging platform. 

     My favorite part about this whole journey has been hearing from all of the readers. Every comment, like, and share never went unnoticed. I loved receiving feedback from you guys on how you would style a particular piece and your opinions on each look! What always put a smile on my face was the genuine love for fashion and the conversations we could share about it. 

     Once I arrived at college, everything changed. I was suddenly surrounded by the most creative and fashionable people I have ever encountered. Every time I came home from class, I had this motivation I never had before. I decided in February when I returned from winter break, that I wanted to focus more on the styles of other students, rather than my own. I always loved putting together looks and sharing them on my blog, but I suddenly had a desire to share on the Internet the looks of my fellow students, and their thoughts on different fashion-related topics. 

      With the help of some amazing people around me, we composed a website that would be able to highlight these students’ styles, and at the same time put a personality to their looks by including small interviews. This is how Coed Threads was born.  I have been working on creating content for this website for about two months now, and am finally able to share it with everyone. Every other day, beginning in April, you will find a new student from a school throughout the country, and his or her style will also be profiled. The most important thing about this new website is the variety of personal styles you'll be able to view. I want to highlight that everyone really has their own personal style and way of thinking when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. 

      I want to thank everyone who had a part, big or small, in this website. From the photographer, to the web developer, to the readers, to the brands I got the chance to collaborate with, I sincerely appreciate it all. As I move onto this new website, I would love for you to get involved and follow me on this new journey!

Speak with you soon,

Thursday, January 28, 2016

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