Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Apology Letter From Yours Truly

     Honestly, I feel like I’m about to write an apology letter to one of my teachers back in parochial school. I’m going to give you guys the full update on what I’ve been doing the past 7 days that I’ve been MIA. I know there’s really nothing more you guys want to see on my blog than a boring novel about my life. So, fortunately for you, I’m about to give you the official low down in a somewhat condensed version.

     Between school work, applying to colleges, working a retail job, modeling and running a blog, I’m drowning a little bit. I have to prioritize, and although I would like to think running this blog should come first, my parents think otherwise. Apparently education is a very important priority.  Who would have known!?

     Unfortunately for my poor abandoned blog (Ok, it was only 7 days) all of these things seemed to get really busy all at once. I had 3 modeling jobs last week, a huge comparative literature essay, and my managers at my retail job called me in almost every day to work.
   Also, shout out to the sun for doing that thing where it now seems to set at 4pm in the afternoon. That lack of sunlight really limits any time for outdoor shooting!!!

    I’m sure you also noticed something different about me in that photo. I chopped off almost 24 inches of my hair! This was kind of a last minute decision and I debated whether or not to do it up until the day of my hair appointment. When I sat down in the salon chair, I decided to be like Nike and “Just do it”.

     So the moral of this story, which some of you may have understandably skipped  through, is that you can stay better updated with me and what’s going on if you follow my Social Media links below! I really appreciate you guys bearing with me and I “pinky promise” I will post as much as possible in the future.

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