Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Guide: What to get a Fashion Blogger

      I’m sure the words “Gift Guide” aren’t new to you, as they’ve been on almost every single blog in the past two weeks. I personally love looking at gift guides to get ideas of what I want to get other people for Christmas and what I want to ask for. I see a lot of gift guides that say something like “what to get your fashionista friend” and “best gifts for your 20-something year old friend who loves fashion”. I think those are great and I decided to do a spinoff of them.  I decided to round up all of the things I think are important to have as a Fashion blogger! Whether your a guy reading this, trying to get some ideas of what to get your girlfriend, or a fashion blogger herself, this guide will ensure you pick out/get the perfect gifts. 

1. Garance Dore Leopard Notebook Set ($15.00)
I don't know about you, but inspiration for my blog hits me at the most random times. The other day I was in Target picking up some last minute Christmas gifts and I got an idea for a Holiday post. I wrote down my idea in the notes on my phone, only to get home and realize not only did I accidentally delete the note, I also had forgotten the idea. So, Keep this chic notebook with you to write down your ideas when they strike. And, the moral of this story, don't end up like me.

2.Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses ($170.00)
These sunglasses are really important for those days when you’re getting blinded by the sun and making that face that looks like you’re trying to read really small type. You know exactly what face I'm talking about. 

3. Advent Black Chelsea Boots ($105.00)
Everyone fashion blogger needs a pair of these black ankle booties for winter. Or two, or three. They're just so darn cute!

4. 2750 Cotu ClassicSneaker ($65.00)
Chances are, if you hang out with your fashion blogger friend enough you've had this heard this before:"Why are you wearing those shoes if they're uncomfortable?" "Because they're cute!" Well, these stylish sneakers are perfect them. They're comfortable, stylish, and if you buy these for them, you'll never have to hear them complain again. Or at least until the next time she puts on a pair of too-tight shoes. 

5. Michael Kors Gold Runway Twist Watch ($225.00)
As a blogger, always having a good sense of what time it is, is really important. This is also one of the most fashionable accessories to have on your wrist, so if that's not a good enough reason to buy it, I don't know what is! 

6. World Map Camera Strap ($33.00)
Only because, one's camera must always be as good looking as themselves.

7. Refinery 29 Style Stalking Book ($13.15)
For those days you have a lack of outfit inspiration. Open up this book and let the inspiration hit you in the face! 

8. Women’s Wear Daily Subscription ($149.00-$189.00)
If you’re interested in fashion, it's pretty much a guarantee you know what WWD stands for. This can seem expensive for only a year subscription, but you’ll also be able to stay up to date with the fashion industry. This is basically the fashion bible (Hey Jesus wore Birkenstocks, right?) written in newspaper form.

9. Leather and Suede Gloves ($34.00)
No one wants to end up in the hospital from frostbite. Especially when the Doctor asks you what happened and you have to explain you were shooting a post for your fashion blog. "Your what?" 

10. Portable Phone Charger ($29.99)
We've all had that moment, you're out taking care of something and the dreaded words "10% remaining" pop up. I recommend this for everyone, not just fashion bloggers. Save yourself a mild heart attack from seeing those deadly words and get one of these. 

11. Travel Sized Compact Mirror ($11.98)
Nothing says "follow my blog" like a piece of food stuck in your teeth or a fly away hair sticking out in every photo.

Fashion bloggers - Is there anything on this list that I missed? What will you be asking for, for Christmas?



  1. This is so cute! Love all these items!!


    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. Great picks for holiday season. My favorite are D&G shades, Garance notebook and MK watch <3 <3

    1. Thanks! I agree with you, I especially like the Garance notebooks and Michael Kors watch the best!

  3. With you on this! I love my Garance note books and am after a pair of those Cotu sneakers! Haha, a blogger without an MK watch is just weird!

    xx Jenelle

    1. They're just so great, aren't they? I love the Cotu sneakers, I'm asking for a pair for Christmas. I agree with you on the watch too, haha!

  4. love nr. 3

  5. Such a nice guide! Love the notebook set :)

    Jules x

  6. Nice selection!


  7. Good selection!
    So cute :)

  8. Great selection doll! The notebook set is the perfect gift for a fashionista RE x

  9. Oh Gosh this is great and you're so stylish:)

    check mine Patchwork à Porter

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